About fabrizioferraris

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Fabrizio Ferraris, class 1973, is a self-taught photographer who live in Turin, Italy.

He began his journey into photography shooting landscapes whith his old film Nikon camera 20 years ago. Now he use a Nikon D610 and a Nikon D500.

A lover of natural light in every condition, even in the most difficult, he makes several works in naturalistic photography and in modern architecture photography.

He successfully completed the "Advanced shooting performance" course with the Adobe guru Marianna Santoni (Certified Adobe Expert, Certified Adobe Instructor and Evangelist).

He has completed two Master in wildlife photography with internationally renowned photographers Marco Urso, Stefano Unterthiner, Emanuele Biggi and Marco Milani, taking first place in the portfolio category in the 2017 edition.

Several of his works have been published in some magazines and you can also see his portfolio on websites such Viewbug.